September 28-October 11 2021, Kathmandu, Nepal

This summit is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join Shamans from all seven provinces of Nepal, and from around the world in Celebration, Conference and Ceremony.
Meet and Learn from authentic practitioners of indigenous knowledge.
Anyone interested in shamanism, animism and earth-related spirituality is welcome to participate alongside tradition carriers, lineage holders, elders and communities.

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This is a crucial time to preserve the spiritual and healing traditions that are an important part of our human cultural heritage: Come and Celebrate the joy of this encounter and development of worldwide community bonds.
Immerse in the culture experience more of Nepal, check our follow-up programs to wander around and explore the regional treasures after participating in the summit.
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(You we will be rewarded we an ebook of the summit)

Our program is growing and will include :

Healing sessions with active participation from the public and ceremonies performed by elders and shamans of several traditions.

Shamanism is a spiritual tradition that has been practised around the world for tens of thousands of years.  It is not only the most ancient earth tradition, but it also offers the most inclusive and diverse teachings, embodying wisdom from all lineages, and from all parts of the world. 

Fundamental to knowing what shamanism is, is also recognizing that the only way to truly understand the teachings is through your own participation and experience, as the nature of shamanism, is entirely experiential.

It is for this reason, that we invite you to attend and to participate in this momentous event.  During this gathering, you will have the opportunity to receive empowerment and teachings from Shamans from all over the world — from the Himalayas to the Andes, from Oceania to Alaska, and much, much more.  

Whatever your core passion and path may be, this Shamanic Summit will give you access to some of today’s most profound shamans, teachers and healers. Presenters will not only share traditional Indigenous practices, but will also impart a new paradigm of teachings that integrate time-tested wisdom with more contemporary psychology and spiritual systems.

Although each tradition may be radically different, you will discover, that they have all emerged out of shared core principles and practices that are truly universal and adaptable to modern times. 

So whatever your interests may be, there will be much opportunity to learn from different shamans and witness first-hand their unique set of teachings and practices.  Some shamans work with guardian beings and subtle realms, others use sound technologies, such as Dhyangro-drums, rattles, and bells.  Some are immersed in visioning, dreaming, and journeying for guidance and healing, while others emphasize the power of communal group rituals.  Some access healing through plant medicines, while others have relationships with plants that focus more on offering herbal remedies for disease.  The program is wide-ranging and is scheduled to also include fire-walking, shamanic dances, ethnic music and dances, sacred ceremonies, rituals, talks, etc.

Diversity is one of the most exciting and fascinating aspects of accessing this ancient wisdom — as is the ability to reconnect through so many gateways into a deeper relationship with the self, plants, animals, other human beings, and other levels of consciousness. 

By incorporating diverse earth traditions, ancient practices, sacred rituals, and maintaining a profound relationship with the ancestors, Shamanism can help cultivate spiritual alignment, abundance, and a natural sense of deep interconnection with the whole universe.

Shamanism is one of the most deep-rooted spiritual traditions for awakening, healing, and transformation of self and all that surrounds.  It brings us home to our highest luminous self and supports all of humanity to transform self-defeating patterns, ancestral wounds, traumas, fears and a sense of separation, into a soul-calibrated, integrated way of living.

Shamans have always been activists, performing rituals, as well as taking concrete actions to help support health, balance, harmony, and wholeness. There has been no better time to learn new ways of being, to fill our hearts with passion, and to live our lives with the the greater purpose of making the earth safe, healthy, and harmonious for all beings.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend this historic event, as we extend to you this loving welcome to Nepal.  Please join us October 1-4, 2020 and receive empowerment and teachings from master Shamans and global tradition keepers.  Learn how to apply their practices and ancient wisdom to the betterment of your day-to-day life and for the enrichment of our communities and future generations.