sayalung shamans

Special Package for Participants of the Nepal-Himalayan
and World Shamanic Summit 2021

Duration: 13 Nights, 14 Days (Includes 4-day Summit)

During this journey, you will receive spiritual healing and renewal while also trekking through some of the most breathtaking scenery and mountainscapes of Nepal.  You will experience panoramic views of 5 different mountain ranges as well as spectacular views of the sun.  We will trek to Mount Sayalung, the sacred abode of Lord Shiva, the chief mentoring spirit of the Himalayan Shamans.

Each year, Shamans and laypeople make pilgrimages to this holy site to receive healing, spiritual renewal, and to express gratitude.  During this journey, we will also visit Mount Kalinchok which stands just opposite to Sayalung, which is a sacred home to the Goddess Kali (also known as Kalinchok Bhagawati).  This trek to Kalinchok is revered by shamans and healers as a ‘once in a lifetime’ pilgrimage and is spiritually perceived as equally essential to the trek to Sayalung.

While completely immersed in nature’s beauty and abundance, you will be reminded that what is without is also within.

Together, this sacred pilgrimage makes a complete circuit of spiritual quest and renewal, thus balancing the primordial male and female aspects within each of us. All of existence self-arises in Primordial consciousness from the Void of Creation; this Primordial consciousness is harmony, the balanced truth and the spirit that exists in everything. It is the consciousness of creative power and the world’s divine wisdom. Ultimately, it is the soul’s deepest desire to enrich its own consciousness with this Primordial essence.

This sacred pilgrimage will be preceded by the 4-day Nepal-Himalayan and World Shamanic Summit 2021.

The summit comprises  global presenters and participants with diverse cultural backgrounds. More than fifty ethnic and subgroups will represent Nepal as the host country. In the same way, there will be International delegations sharing their shamanic traditions.

At least fifty ceremonies will be shared, and more than twenty academic papers presented from different parts of the world. Some of the rituals and presentations will be indoors and some outdoors.

We ask everyone attending to be sensitive to cultural norms and expectations, to dress and behave appropriately, with  respect and honor for the traditions and the elders present.

All participants will get the opportunity to participate in the public ceremonies as well as group healing processes within the stipulated time and space. It is essential to be on time and demonstrate respect to the all elders and participants,  as we would ask for ourselves.

All the presentations and ceremonies will be translated using interpreters,  from Nepali to English and vice versa. If there is significant participation from other linguistic groups, we will arrange for an interpreter in that language,  based on the number of people at the time of advanced registration.

In order to facilitate the organizational and booking services for all all the presenters and participants, we have reserved 100 rooms in the summit venue property for six nights. These rooms will be allocated on a  ‘first come first served’ basis.

All the six dinners and five lunches are included in the package, so participants may focus on immersing themselves and enjoying the varied sacred ceremonies and dances.
(Food allergies and sensitivities will be highly taken care of BUT you must send your details at the time of reservation).

All confirmations will be sent  only on receipt of 50% deposits specified.

Day 1:  Arrival Day – Tuesday, September 28th

On your arrival, please look for a banner ‘NEPAL SHAMANIC SUMMIT 2021’ as you come out of the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal (KTM).

You  will be welcomed by a representative of the Summit Organizing Committee, and be escorted to the hotel and check-in.

  • Dinner
  • Overnight Stay in Kathmandu

Day 2:  Kathmandu Sightseeing – Wednesday, September 29th

Pashupatinath temple and Boudhanath Stupa:

  • Fully guided tour of Pashupatinath temple and Boudhanath Stupa.
  • Early morning, after breakfast in the hotel, we drive to the most sacred ‘Pashupatinath temple’ which is the center of Sanatana-Hindu culture, tradition and religion.
    Here, birth and death rites of passages are conducted. It provides a variety of temple designs, some of which are Dome, Pagoda and Shikhara style.
  • Bouddhanath is one of the largest stupas of its type in Asia, and it has become an important center of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal.
  • In the evening, a Press Conference and a Welcome Dinner is organized for all the participants.
  • Overnight in Kathmandu

Day 3 to Day 6:  Conference Days – September 30 – October 4th

Please find daily programs on the website.

After breakfast, you will be taken to the conference venue and proceed for the official registration.

  • Full-day experiential and participatory conference and back to the hotel
  • Overnight Stay in Kathmandu
    Each day of the Conference offers academic presentations, shamanic ceremonies along with unique Nepali and global cultural program.

These are followed by a shamanic ceremony held by global participants demonstrating their traditional gowns, respective altars and tools.

Last night, 3rd October:

 Farewell dinner for all the participants (please check the summit program for details*)

Day 7 onwards: Extension Package

Day 7: Kathmandu- Kalinchok (Monday, October 4)

  • Kathmandu to Kalinchok (147 km distance and driving time is approximately 4.5 hours):
  • Early morning (after breakfast) we will drive to Kalinchok to explore the immense beauty of nature in the mid-Himalayas.
  • This trail is full of mesmerizing views of rivers, streams, waterfalls, forests, and snow-capped mountains. The shrine, dedicated to Goddess Kali in her form as Kalinchok Bhagawati, is nestled on the top of the mountain at 3800 meters altitude.
    From these heights, we will experience magnificent views of the high Himalayan range of Langtang Lirung, Ganesh Himal, Mount Shishapangma, Gauri Shankar, Dorje Lakpa, and many other breathtaking mountain peaks.
  • O/N Guesthouse/Lodge in Phedi/Kuri, Charikot

Day 8: Phedi/Kuri – Kalinchok Temple- Phedi/Kuri, Charikot (Tuesday, October 5)

  • With the call of the dawn, the group will take a meditative pilgrimage walk with shamans and other pilgrims to the top of Kalinchok, to make an offering (of a trident, bell, incense, flowers, etc.) in the holy abode of Mother Kali. After the shamanic ceremony to honour the Goddess, the presiding shamans bestow empowerment on each participant. In the late afternoon, after having honoured the mother, we will descend to the base.
  • O/N Guesthouse/Lodge in Phedi/Kuri Bazar, Charikot

Day 9: Phedi/Kuri Bazar-Dhugne (Wednesday, October 6)

  • The pilgrimage route heads towards Sailung by driving from Phedi/Kuri Bazar, Charikot to Mudhe (40 Km and takes approximately 3.5 hours).
  • Here the group will be welcomed in a local homestay facility by the villagers and local shamans.
  • After dinner, a short pre-pilgrimage shamanic ceremony of cleansing and purification will be conducted as an opening for the next morning’s pilgrimage to Sailung.
  • O/N in Dhunge in a family-run homestay facility.

Day 10: Dhunge -Sailung-Khola Kharka (Thursday October 7)

  • Early morning after breakfast the group, accompanied by the shamans, will embark on a pilgrimage to the sacred Mt. Sailung (mount with hundred hills). The first stop is the holy cave where Shiva-Mahadeva meditated and gave teachings to his first disciple Banjhankri,  and later on to human neophytes.
  • An uphill trek follows, to the top of Sailung, accompanied by an elaborate ceremony performed by the shamans. The footprint of Shiva on a rock at 3100 meters altitude is the highlight of this pilgrimage.
    A group ceremony to honour the shaman-masters, ancestors, and spirits of nature will be followed by descending to the multi-ethnic village of Khola-Kharka. (6-7 hours trekking).
  • O/N Dhunge in a family-run homestay facility

Day 11: Khola Kharka- Doromba (Friday, October 8)

  • The first of its kind in Nepal, the ‘Indigenous Peoples Trail’ offers unique, vibrant, exposure to one of the most culturally diverse areas of Nepal.
    Kholakharka Sano Sailung has many sacred caves, strange rock formations, and Chortens. Thulo Sailung is a holy place for Tamang ethnic group who refer to it as Sailung Phoi (White Male Lord of the Earth).
    Our trail passes through the pine and rhododendron forest which allows for viewing of many different types of birds. Before reaching the destination, the group will visit Rajveer Gumba/Monastery (4-5 hours trekking time)
  • O/N Doramba in a local lodge.

Day 12: Doromba- Kathmandu (Saturday, October 9)

  • After breakfast, the group will be accompanied back to Kathmandu, passing through old settlements, terraced paddy fields, river valleys, and stunning views of the beauty of Nepal’s diverse
  • O/N Hotel in Kathmandu

Day 13: Kathmandu and Kirtipur Sightseeing (Sunday, October 10)

Fully guided tour of Swayambhunath Stupa, Kirtipur Dhartimata (Mother Earth) and Kathmandu Durbar Square.

  • The Swayambhunath Stupa is one of the crowning glories of Kathmandu Valley architecture. This perfectly proportioned monument rises through a whitewashed dome to a gilded spire, from where four iconic faces of the Buddha stare out across the valley in the cardinal directions.
  • Next we visit the unusual and unique ‘Dharti Mata’, literally translated as ‘Earth Mother’ at the Bala Bhairav temple complex, Kirtipur, in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.
    Around the statue of Dharti Mata, there are 3 figures of Vishnu, Brahma and Mahadev (Shiva).
    The statue of Dharti Mata is very important to the temple and is worshiped as a goddess for fertility. There is likely some deeper secret significance, that is only revealed to tantric initiates, and kept secret by them.
  • Kathmandu Durbar Square (also known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar) was once the residence of the Nepali Royal Family and administrators. This ancient palace is named after Hanuman, the monkey god, and lies in the heart of the city. It dates back to the 15th century, and consists of a huge royal palace, courtyards, and temples which are all protected by a stone statue of Hanuman, which sits to the left of the main entrance, guarding the whole palace.
  • A Ceremonial Nepali Traditional Farewell Dinner closes our extension programme.
  • O/N Hotel in Kathmandu

Day 14: (Monday, October 11) with breakfast, the services come to an end.

  • Transportation to the airport is provided.

Cost per participant on Twin Sharing Room basis:

Single room supplement:

Services included in the Package:

  • Transportation to and from the airport in Kathmandu
  • 2 Days guided sightseeing of UNESCO Heritage Sights of Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Kirtipur
  • Hotel accommodation: 8 Nights hotel stay in Kathmandu (includes all meals for 7 nights only).
  • Full participation in the 4-day shamanic summit
  • Participation in ceremonies, conferences, and documentary shows
  • A ceremonial bag with shamanic souvenirs
  • Healing Circles
  • Five nights in Guesthouses/Homestay/Lodges during trekking pilgrimage
  • Hotel – Summit Venue – Hotel Transportation
  • Protected area entrance fees
  • All meals during the trekking (what is available in location)
  • Transportation: Kathmandu – Kalinchok Phedi – Dhunge & Doromba – Kathmandu
  • Trekking guide service and porters
  • Accompanying shamans – teachers
  • All government taxes and services charges

Exclusions in the Package:

  • Your international flight tickets and Nepal visa fee at the airport on arrival (US $ 40 for two weeks)
  • Tips to the service providers both in the city and during trekking
  • Insurance of all types (health insurance, baggage loss, trip cancellation, rescue from trekking due to sickness or any unforeseen circumstances and natural calamities, etc.)
  • Personal expenses like phone calls, laundry, drinks or all that is not specifically included under clause ‘what is included.’
  • Lunch and dinner on Sunday, October 10.


As this is a special global gathering of elders, lineage holders and tradition transmitters of different age groups and dietary restrictions, the organization provides all-vegetarian lunches during the four days in and around the Summit premises.

You will have a choice of meals for Dinner in a set buffet where chicken or fish or eggs and cheese with rice and varieties of organic vegetables will be available.

IMPORTANT:  If you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies, please indicate during Registration.  Other than drinking water during the meals, drinks are not included in the package.

For reservation of your place, tariff and other technical details of trekking part, please send an email to:

P.O. BOX NO. 14146

TELEPHONE: 00977 1 4253729
WhatsApp/Viber Number: +977-9851138286/ 9851035841
C/C to:

Registrations are open
Registration closes on April 15, 2021